How I became a member of The Aetherius Society

I’ve been a member of The Aetherius Society since 2005. This is a summary of how I got there.


To give some perspective I should say that I went to Sunday School in my early years, but never really took to it. I also went to schools that had church services. I found these on the whole to be pretty benign, I was neither especially inspired nor turned off by them.

I had occasionally felt the need for a spiritual life, but I had also equally occasionally felt that spirituality was a bit of a joke. I would say that I was an agnostic who had not yet really put much effort into considering spirituality in any great depth. I was a little condescending towards what may be called ‘New Age’ type subjects. However towards the end of my time at university, before ever hearing about The Aetherius Society, I studied Reiki which is a form of energy healing. I had also practised Hatha Yoga to help in the recovery of a back injury.

Zen & Daoism

My interest in spiritual matters really began with Zen Buddhism after stumbling across it in a book during my last year of university. I was fascinated by the purity and depth of it after reading a number of books on the subject.

I was so intrigued that I considered joining a monastery but wasn’t quite convinced enough to make the step. I eventually ended up doing a stint teaching English in Japan. This allowed me to visit and mediate in a local Zen temple.

In what was quite an eye-opener, I was disappointed to find that the practice of Zen in the everyday real world was very different to the pure form I’d read about. It was so much so that I felt it was as bound in dogma and ritual as the Christian church services I’d been to. It was a slap in the face that snapped me out of the idealistic and unrealistic view I had of it.

I looked into many other things, most notably Daoism, the general principles of which I am still very much fond of.

So I continued my search for something deeper and more practical in terms of actually doing something to help the world. I was looking for something that would actually help the world, not just talk about it or pretend to be doing something but to actually be making a real tangible difference.

The Aetherius Society enters the picture

I first heard of The Aetherius Society while attending a Mind, Body, Spirit type festival. The thing that caught my attention was the statement that Dr King had risen the power of kundalini. This was, and still is, an unusual statement to read. I’d read of the concept of kundalini and seen highly fictitious accounts of it amongst a smattering of more genuine accounts that were very few in number. Here was a man who could talk about it in a knowing way that resonated as truth to me.

Despite recognising this, it is to my discredit that it still took me a number of years before I was to actually become a member of the Society – something which I am still kicking myself about!

Eventually I went to the Society’s premises and received spiritual healing and also attended a couple of workshops. I was sceptical of the cosmic aspect so was wary about getting involved as I thought there must be a catch. However that catch never eventuated. And I certainly looked very hard for it! I was very intent on making sure that I was investigating a legitimate organisation. I read the books and thought deeply about them. I found that the truths within them could not be disputed.